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This can started out as an empty shell. Our team member, Camryn, completely gutted it, feeling her detial business was running inefficiently due to organization.

Working part time for MWF, the “small human” used her talent for fabrication, and guidance from fellow fabricators, to design and build this one-of-a-kind mobile detail rig.

It was important for Cam to have everything at hands reach and self reliant. The van is set up with an onboard 300 gallon water tank, plus onboard air compressor and generator. Also on board are professional level built in vacuum, power washer, and water pump.

The interior is an OCD dream with organizational racks and compartments to store everything efficiently. The exterior has custom ladder racks, roof rack with roof top storage, additional fuel, as well as 10 foot awning for covering and sixteen different LED mini-lights and light bars for high focus work.

What isn’t “seen” is the fact that all the additional steel and weight is much greater then the van’s stock load capacity, so a one ton front and rear suspension setup was modified to fit in the stock locations. Also added was a two-inch custom lift kit behind bumper mounted wrench and larger off-road tires on blacked out steel rims.

The van gives the appearance of simple/sleek/organized That’s due to Camryns ability as a fabricator who designs and builds.